Make a donation

Even the smallest amount will be an incredible support for us!

Please transfer donations to Gorzyckie Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęcy Zakątek [Gorzyce Association “Animal Corner”]

Bank account number: 46 1600 1462 1884 7593 5000 0001

Please write DONATION in the title.

Set up a standing order

You can help us by setting up a regular transfer of any amount, this will also be a great support for us!

Data for the transfer: Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęcy Zakątek to the bank account number: 46 1600 1462 1884 7593 5000 0001

Please write DONATION in the title.

Donate your 1% to us

Donating 1% of your tax is also a popular way of supporting our activities. In order to donate your 1%, all you have to do is provide the data allowing the proper identification of the Public Benefit Organisation whose account you would like to contribute, in your tax return, i.e. the National Court Register [KRS] entry number – our KRS number is 0000697024



Animals staying in the shelter are largely exposed to various types of infections. This is why they need dry food, wet food and good quality treats.

We would like to remind you that a better choice is to buy one pack of food and treats of good quality than to buy several packs of market quality food.


  1. Leashes, collars, harnesses for dogs of various sizes
  2. Beds
  3. Transporters of various sizes
  4. Kennel cages of various sizes
  5. KONG toys of various sizes
  6. Toys for animals
  7. Slow feeding mat
  8. Bowls, leashes, etc.

You can order the above mentioned items without leaving your home to the following address: Shipping address: ul. Kręta 18, 39-432 Gorzyce


If you need help please call our volunteers : Agnes - 501 506 593